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Hey Marina, just wanted to share my exciting news that we have FULLY converted to a raw diet - no more kibble ever!
I've been able to bring in the raw line called "totally raw dog food" into the Pet Valu store I work at (i'm now an assistant manager too!) The line is wonderful because it supplies patties of ground foods that all have the proper ratio of meat, organs and bone in them. Vader is getting a different protein each day of the week: beef, chicken, lamb, tripe , mackerel and duck, as well as one day a week that he gets a big raw meaty bone to help clean his teeth.
Thanks Marina :)

Hey Marina, Pearl (Iliaslegacy Gift Pearl) is doing very well. We have had a couple group puppy school sessions and start private training in a couple days. She learns very quickly and everyone is surprised when they hear how young she is. She is quite mouthy which we are working on now and hopefully she will grow out of it. In terms of the puppy not going up stairs Pearl is very food driven so we were able to lure her up and down stairs within a couple days. Adam
Kuz (Iliaslegacy Gift Kuzma)- Growing like a bad weed-bugs the crap out of both the other girls, but they still love him to death. Had friends and their dog over this weekend-Lexie and Yoshi were both protective of their little buddy, regardless of the fact that he grabs hold of them and hangs on, pulling out hair, and generally being a nuisance. He loves attention, and likes to snuggle on the couch with me for a while-then he is off to play with the girls, or lay by himself. He is quite confident outside at home, and often wants to stay out and play, when the girls are ready to come in. We love him, he is a great fit with the girls and the horses and cats. Unfortunately his 17yr old buddy Linus passed away a week ago, so he does not have a "feline chew toy" anymore. Paul
Everyone here is great. Nanna (Iliaslegacy Gift Nanna) is doing very well at obedience and we are told she is very smart. Show her something once, it's done. She loves puppy day care. She has been twice and we hope to continue for a few hours weekly while I shop in town. I can't believe how big she is. She is about 30 lbs now but will be properly weighed next Friday for her next vet visit. She travels beautifully either in her crate, on the back seat or when Sonny is driving, on my lap watching out the window. (That's not gonna' last much longer). We love her dearly. She goes out to visit, has a local playmate, a 150 lb slobbery Newfie. Yuck, slobber. She is walked everyday, between 1 - 3 times, depending on the weather. Each time is a km. I will continue to feed her Acana supplemented with all kinds of nutritious foods. She is still a pup, after all, and still has a lot of learning to do...her lessons on impulse control are really helping a lot. If the other two gift puppies give 1/2 the joy Nanna brings to us, then everyone should be happier than pigs in much. Love to all, Sonny, Tess & Nanna
Hello Marina!
Hope all is well with you.
Yuri had a busy day today. He saw the vet this morning, found him to be very healthy. Then this afternoon he did a catch up class and a regular class at the puppy obedience school. What a trooper! He was one of the calmest puppies there and also a quick learner. Yuri got along very well  with all his new friends. Until next time, take care.
We will keep updating you on Yuri's progress.
Hi Marina! Thanx for the info on Ivan's registration! As far as feeding & growth he is right on track! We continue to follow the Acana Ranchland guidelines for puppy feeding.  He takes his dried liver treats like a little gentleman! And we had a stool sample tested at his vet check up and he was parasite free.  My mom & sisters love him so much, I'll have to make sure they don't try to smuggle him to NY!!! He's such a joy! His older brother is very bonded to him and they have a blast on their walks and are always playing (except when they both need their nap! lol). I hope you are able to get some rest between all the double shifts and birthing! Lots of hugs & blessings & sloppy doggie kisses! xoxoxo

Mooshka says thank you for the birthday wishes!  I was trying to take pictures of her yesterday to show you, but nothing comes out that shows what she really looks like- beautiful dog that simply refuses to show up in pictures other than as a big, black blotch. I've attached one from yesterday anyway along with one from our Christmas card photos- so that you can at least see her a little bit and know she is doing great.  We've always had dogs (growing up and as adults) and all dogs are great in their own way, but Mooshka is very special- truly the best dog I've ever known (happy, loving, brilliant, loyal, well mannered (usually), very funny and so nice... and then every once in a while she shows that she would be all business if protection was ever required- awesome). I hope you are well.  Please also give our best to Vlad and Mooshka's family up north.

Grisha is fine. He is good boy, keeps Richard company. He “patrols” the house at night especially. Goes to all the doors and looks out the windows, then checks on Richard. Checks, Richard three / four times a night. He comes in and lies by the end of the bed facing the door. Very smart. He is very gentle with Richard and will sit and wait when Richard is walking down the hall.  We had home nurses for quite awhile. Grisha is fine with them. He barks to tell me they are here and when they leave he barks to tell me they are leaving. We have one home nurse who loves Grisha so much. Grisha likes her best of all the nurses. You might be hearing from her. There were a couple he didn't really care for but he tolerated.  Grisha has taken to sleeping in the foyer on the travertine – moved all his toys there.  Grisha also “patrols” his yard. He walks the fence, does different sections different times of the day. Very cute. Visited the Vet on Friday, Grisha is 128 lbs. Grisha is such a help – true he is also a lot of work, but Grisha makes life much better for me and Richard.  Grisha follows Simon the little grandson all over the house. Hug, Sharon 

Happy New Year! Have a great 2014!
From al of us at Ilia's Legacy kennel and Black Rain Maker-Jack and Rut Bari Rhapsody of Sherwal
Happy New Year! Have a great 2014!
From left to right - IliasLegacy Bluemoon Valdemar, Sebastian Regins Siberian Star, Ilia's Legacy Balthazar Benjamin, and Iliaslegacy Deodate Bear G Ben and IliasLegacy Toruk Virginia Victoria
Happy New Year! Have a great 2014!
From left to right - IliasLegacy Toruk Vader, IliasLegacy Toruk Magdalena, IliasLegacy Deodate Irie Ben, and IliasLegacy Deodate Asha Ben
Marina, since I haven't written in quite a while, I thought I'd let you know how Rus is doing.  In just over two weeks, he'll be three years old.  He is about 140 lbs, with a beautiful coat and perfectly proportioned body.  He remains my juvenile delinquent, but has a heart of gold.  He lives for human contact and just turns into a big puppy when my son or my daughter visit.  People in my neighborhood see us taking our daily walks, but still want to compliment Rus on his catching appearance.  In fact, the other day, a driver stopped his car and through the open window yelled:  "It's not often you see someone walking a bear!"  He has been an unbelievable addition to my life!Mark
Hi grandma,
        Today mommy got some things together and we went outside the front door. I, Genye (IliasLegacy Toruk Virginia Victoria) thought we were going for a walk but mommy open the truck told me to get in, I ran back to the front door to go in the house. Mommy asked me what is going on but I just don't like getting into vehicles no matter their size. Once inside mommy tried to give me a treat but I don't like eating in the truck. I whimpered and panted a lot but once we got to school I jumped out of the truck and remembered this place. I went to the off leash area where other dogs were and played. Grandma it was so much fun. I still don't like to run and chase other dogs but I got to meet some new friends. Then we went out back and grandma they tried to get me to go in a tunnel. Are they crazy???? A tunnel ya right no way. I just laid down and whimpered so mommy said it's ok we can try next time. The tunnel looked small to mommy too. Aunty came with us to school so we went inside and practiced tunnels in quiet place with my food. I did go once.mommy was so proud. Then grandma they did crate games. Well I got an a plus because mommy already taught me about crates. I don't leave even if door open I stayed and listened. I only got tricked once when someone threw food to me. Mommy wasn't happy that they were giving me other foods and treats as my tummy doesn't like it. We got more play time then I had to go back in the truck. I laid down quietly all the way home and was excited to be home. Mommy gave me the rest of my supper and i played with bear!  Grandma I love school! Hope you are having a good day!
Hi grandma ,
      Today I, Bear (Iliaslegacy Deodate Bear G Ben) got to go to puppy school. It's the same place as Genye went I was told. I got in the truck and went for a ride. Mommy tells me I was a good traveller. Once I got to school I saw three other dogs in the off leash area. Mommy took me over there. I did pull her a little but i was just soooo excited. When we got in I ran around with other dogs. I didn't understand why they were jumping all over the place. After a little why more dogs showed up. They all ran around. I walked around said hi to all the humans and tried to go see the dogs that were scared. I was brave not scared at all. We went inside and I was learning basics. Some of these things mommy and daddy have done with me so I got to have lots of yammies. Mommy put roast in my supper it was super yummy. Mommy and daddy took me home after an hour and half. I was wanting to play more. I got home and told genye all about it. Then I took a nap. Bye grandma

So thought we would send along this photo of Irie ( IliasLegacy Deodate Irie Ben) in Puppy class. We were working on fears with dogs using different props like umbrellas and fake trees and halloween costumes. Irie was the first to try one on and....
Hi Marina, I thought you would enjoy seeing how big and beautiful Asha ( IliasLegacy Deodate Asha Ben) is.  She is eating like a horse right now, I find she has growth spurts, and when she does she eats everything in sight, so good!  We have finished up with soccer, but Asha will be starting her obedience this September, so next week, I will get a call for dates.  Asha loves everyone that we introduce her to, she seems to know that if we are introducing, then they are ok, hopefully we never misjudge someone. Asha loves to play, but we have play time, and then learning time, she accepts this well as long as we play at some point, otherwise she is our gift for sure, she settles well in the house during the day, following around when awake.  She sometimes wants to jump up a little, to the knees when one of us has been gone all day, but is learning to sit when people come in the house, she is so smart, usually picks up on body language way before having to say much.  Asha loves us all, and we are inseperable.  Hope this brightens your day, and keep up the good work as a caring, responsible breeder and friend. Take care CCharles
Mooshka (IliasLegacy Charisma Mooshka ) update:   Mooshies is doing great at 18 months and everyone is very happy (except our garbage man who gets barked at by a serious dog every Tuesday and Friday morning).  My kids all love her and she and Emmy (our 2.5 year old) are best friends.   She has finally taken to the water- last summer she barked at waves and did not like going in pools.  This summer she can’t get enough of either.   We’re going to Nantucket next week for a family vacation so she’ll be a beach dog.  I’ll send pictures if I get some good ones.   Hope all is well. Best.Chris Read
Hi Marina, thanks for the e-mail, we have been keeping up with the dogs nails, Asha ( IliasLegacy Deodate Asha Ben) tolerated us and then groomer, probably better every time, we use treats as a distraction, and to make her remember it as a good experience.  Asha is such a joy to us, we feel that she truly lives up to her name, and is a gift for us, we love her as much as she loves us.  Asha now tries to lick each part of me that is sticking out of the bath if I leave the bathroom door open, and she will just sit and lick endlessly, so funny.  We have been taking her on some bush walks, when it hasn't rained and she just loves it, other wise we take her to a park at the end of our street for training and then play time, and then walking.  She just loves learning new things, and is so smart, she makes training so much fun.  She is so good with pretty much everyone, and most love her to bits.  Asha is almost inseperable from us, always by our side, we love it.  The kids love her so much.  I am looking forward to obedience with her, which will be in September, I'm sure she will do great, it's easy to see why you love the breed so much.  Asha is the most cuddly girl, I swear she hugs us when we are hugging her.  Hope all is well in your neck of the woods, and everyone is healthy and happy. That's all for now, take care.  CCharles
Bear (Iliaslegacy Deodate Bear G Ben) is doing amazing... I haven't weighed him but will tomorrow. He is getting heavy. We took him to the pet store per request and he was shown so much love and they took his picture lol :) he was good boy of course giving loves and all. He got his harness today so we will start with small walks again once rain settles down. It's blue same as leash and collar I just give him so many snuggles. And he just lays there and absorbs them. When it's gloomy day he snuggles in and it makes me smile. Thank you for trusting us with him. They both are so precious to us.
Hi Marina, I'm giving you an update on Asha's ( IliasLegacy Deodate Asha Ben) first night.  Asha had a good first introduction to Cappy, sniffing one another and a quick lick from Asha to Cap's face.   Asha woke a few times throughout the night with little wimpers, but no big cries as before, and she awoke at 5:00 am with crying, so we promptly brought her out, and she pood(yah) and peed.  Our little girl did not have one accident in her crate, and she loved sleeping in her little bed, so cute this morning when Guy took her in his arms.    Cats realized a new pet in the house but have stayed away for now which is best as I have read they will come around when ready, and at that time we will hold Asha to prevent a chase situation which might become ingrained.  All is well, Asha is sleeping a lot after breakfast as she really didn't sleep much yesterday with all the comotion.  She rested her head on Cap's pillow while Cap layed on her pillow, and Cap just let her be.  We will keep you up to date on everything.  The kids are absolutely over the moon in love with her and she wags her tail like mad when around them.(haha), so cute.  Take care today, rainy and miserable here but it's not ruining our fun.  

Hi Marina. Asha is doing awesome with her crate at night, still no accidents.  We usually put her to bed around 10:00  or so, with us, and up around 5-5:30 and straight outside, it works well.  She is doing well with her food, still not as fond of her dry as her meat but slowly eats it.   Asha has traveled for a short trip to pick up kids after school, and was fine, we will continue to do little trips, so she becomes a good traveller.  Asha is really learning to be calm from Cappy, she knows that Cap does not like it when she is hyper around her, so she is very calm around Cappy, and now Cap will let Asha lie beside her on the floor touching her paw, it's so darn cute, we will try to catch it on camera.  We tried Asha in her crate yesterday during the day, and she did really well, and I tried her today when I saw she was getting tired, not a peep, went for a walk with Cappy, and came back and brought her out with Cap.   She is very excited around the kids but we have them trained to put sticks or toys in her mouth, we also say good kisses when she is licking us, to give positive feedback on that behaviour.   We are very in love with our new girl, and are very proud of how good Cap is with her, and what a great example she is setting for Asha.  We walked both dogs on the leash in the yard, and Asha, falls just behind Cap, so maybe this will help in training her on the leash, we'll see.  Hope all is well with you, and the other babies found their way safetly.  Take care, and thank you for Asha.

Today mommy took me (Genye ( IliasLegacy Toruk Virginia Victoria )) to a new place. There were all these little people around. I wanted to go play but mommy kept saying gentle. She told me we were at the park. My best friend gizmo came over too. We were trying to play but mommy kept me on a short leash. She said it was cause I was so big. We spent a long time walking around on this weird stuff. It wasn't cold or wet.. It smelled new to me. We then went to a big area where mommy let me go off my leash she said it was safe place ( baseball diamond) I chased gizmo. I forget I'm 70 pounds heavier and stepped on his tail when we ran. I felt bad cause he cried. Mommy and Shawna said it was ok he wasn't hurt. After a bit more time we had to go home. I was finished I didn't wanna play anymore. We walked home as I smelled all the new things and heard some stranger flying things. Mommy said they were geese and the ground was grass. I refuse still to pee or poop on it. We still have a little bit of snow but it's melting fast. After I got home I laid down beside the door after a drink and supper and refusing to move. I'm tuckered out. Mommy said we can go again tomorrow.

We took Genye ( IliasLegacy Toruk Virginia Victoria )with us to the family farm for the first time yesterday. Here is her adventure:
"Mom and dad put me in the back of the truck yesterday and I thought I was gonna to the vets. We went on a twenty minute drive out of town. When I got out of the truck there were all these new smells. Then I saw my
Best friend Emmy. Mommy had me on my leash, but emmy wasnt. We went over to the shop and I saw big machines that scared me when turned on. We went to the house next and I saw so many new dog friend, but they didnt wanna play. All the dogs got let outside and even I was allowed to go (mommy wasn't in the room) out without a leash. This scared mommy as i don't know this place and never been without a leash. She came outside and got me. But I sat at the door and whimpered til someone snuck me out. Mommy was not happy but she came out this time and watched me. I knew where I was allowed to go cause Emmy showed me. It was so fun being able to run and play. We found mud muddles and these strange black and white things that moo'd at me. I played with the kids but they forgot me and locked me in the kid play house. Someone found me fast tho. We had a warm bed to go lay in and after about an hour mommy let me play without her standing right there guarding. I was safe with my 4 dog friends. I got
To play outside all day. I was very tired when mommy called me to go home. I was already in the garage sleeping with Emmy. Mommy looked messier then me. So once we got home in the shower we both went. I love my showers, just don't like the soap. After that I had a snack and went to bed."
Hi Marina and Vlad,
Voodoo (IliasLegacy Bluemoon Valdemar) of course is loving all the snow we have right now, it keeps coming down and he is in his element. It's a real work out for him as we go through the fields and he has to bunny hop though some of the deep drifts that are up to his chest. Meanwhile, I am cross country skiing quite nicely over the surface and and can give him a good run through the snow. 

He's pretty good with me on the skis, at first jumping up at my hands as I pole along but only for the first little bit. It's all play to him. I just have to keep an eye on him because he will suddenly plunk down in my path to pull snow balls out of his pads. Skiing is better than snowshoeing with him, as I have done several serious face plants in the snow when he's stood on the back of the shoes as I stride along, where as the skis just slip out from underneath his paws when he's trampling on the back of them. We took him skiing with our neighbours this last weekend and he was very well behaved with all of us going along so we will continue to bring him with us. His reward at the end of that day was playing with their Bouvier when we went back to their house afterwards...finally someone who looks kind of like him. They both had a great time. 

Big hugs, Lorraine 
Hi Marina! 
It was a big week for Roman ( IliasLegacy Toruk Beau Roman) so we wanted to give you an update.  He had his 4 month check up at which he weighed in at 56.5 lbs.  We see that this is in line with the growth chart you have on your website.  Our vet absolutely loves Roman and they make a big fuss over him every time we bring him in. 
In other news he just finished his first eight weeks of puppy class and graduated on Thursday from the AKC STAR Puppy Program.  We plan to continue his training with the pre-basic class coming up next. 
Roman really enjoys being outside with the kids in the snow.  At times he gets very excited and tends to jump on them.  It's a learning process for all of us having a puppy again!  We did have him groomed recently and he got a nice hair cut etc.  When we go outside to play he gets chunks of snow stuck to the bottom of his feet.  I can see that it bothers him because of the way he is walking. 
As I mentioned we are really considering getting a playmate for Roman.  We just love him so much and he has been a wonderful addition to our family. 
I hope you are enjoying your weekend and it's so nice to see you on Facebook! 
Take care~Elva
Hello Marina, Valdimir and my BlueMoon brothers and sisters

Greetings from me, Grisha (IliasLegacy Bluemoon Grigorii the Great) on our first birthday. I went to the vet and weighed in at 128.8 lbs. Before everyone goes, fatty,. Dr. Ottie said that I was not overweight, (Richard and Sharon who live in the house with me were concerned that I might be getting fat). In fact, Dr. Ottie said I was what he called a brick. Richard said that was another way of saying I am solidly built. Of course, I knew that already! I just did not grasp the meaning of brick in that context. He also complimented Richard and Sharon on my wonderful personality and on how happy I was even at the Vet's office. 

Now, being fair I understand that I am a star and as such I am always to present the a happy and extremely friendly image when in public. However, even after multiple obedience class I am still very stubborn and demanding. I try to only show this part of me to Richard and Sharon because they love me and understand how I am trying to do better. Just before writing this I tried to bully Richard into playing with me outside. He was working at his desk and I truly thought he needed a break. Yes I did! Although Richard took it the wrong way. Let me just say it did not go well. So, I have some extra time to write this email.

Finally, let me say that Sharon and Richard love me with all their hearts and I love them also. I wish all my brothers and sisters the very best second year and if possible that it is better than this first year. Also, I want to tell you that if something ever happens where you need a home I know Sharon and Richard would invite you to come live with us. Oops I have to say as long as you remember the excellent potty training that Marina taught us all.

Love from Grisha, Sharon and Richard


I have attached a photo. It is not that good because when Richard was trying to take it I wanted to go play. He took several and I kept moving. You just have to act up some of the time to keep your housemates in line.


Happy and Prosperous 2013, a year of new beginnings from CH Furry Shayna Siberian Star and IliasLegacy Kennel!

Happy New Year! Have a great 2013!
From left to right - IliasLegacy Toruk Beau Roman, IliasLegacy Bluemoon Lulu, IliasLegacy Bluemoon Beau, and IliasLegacy Toruk Gregor

Keira (Iliaslegacy Asher Keira Regins Star) had a very big morning - she got to meet all of the first grade students in Natalie's class!  She was so excited to meet all of them!!  She was very well behaved - she has never had 11 sets of hands on her all at one time…her tail was sure wagging!!  The kids said "this is the biggest, fluffiest dog I have ever seen!"

It was quite a morning!


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