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As of November 1, 2007, "Siberian Star Reg'd (CKC)" BRT Kennel has changed its name to "Ilia's Legacy Reg'd (AKC, CKC)" BRT Kennel in memory of Marina's late father, Ilia Vasilyev, accomplished BRT owner and breeder in 1960s-1980s in Moscow, Russia.

I was born to a family with Black Russian Terriers (BRTs) and I can't imagine my life without them. Our family has always had a BRT, or two, or more. Horses was another passion of my father, Ilia Vasilyev, that he passed on our family. My father received his first BRT from a famous "Red Star" Kennel, and fell in love with them. He owned BRTs, Airedale Terriers, and Caucasian Shepherds. He participated in dog shows and his dogs were trained in Advanced Obedience and Protection. I accompanied him to the shows and training, helped taking care of the dogs and puppies.

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Me and my husband, Vladimir, met in high school and became friends. We walked my father's BRTs together and he fell in love with this wonderful breed. When we settled down in Canada, we decided that the time has come to start working with BRTs again. We got our girl CH Kalinka Harmonic Zirochka from Kalinka Kennel in Montreal and named her after one of my father's females, Fairy (c. 1970 - 1983), champion dog with great temperament. We went to see the litter for the first time when the puppies were 5 days old - we could not wait to get BRTs in our family again! Fairy was a beautiful puppy, very happy and agile. Training her was very easy, showing her was very rewarding. But the most fun we had at home when we were hiking, playing, camping, fishing, and tobogganing together.
Fairy had many wonderful kids and we were blessed with Mars (Mult.Ch.Furry Mars Siberian Star, CGC ) form her first litter and Vlada (Mult CH Vlada Dar Regins Siberian Star, CGN ) from her last litter. They are the most successful show dogs we have ever produced. Mars was the first BRT to win All-Breed First place in a Top Dog Competition (RBCSWO, 2005). He is our bear and protector of the family. Vlada got her first Championship title at the age of 9 months (earlier than any of our dogs) , and is our current show star. She is gorgeous, feminine, sweet and agile. Mars and Vlada are of the same type - large, powerful working dogs with stable temperament, loyal friends and family members. These two, together with Fairy's grandson Inca (Mult CH Karma Yana Inca SIberian Star, CD, CGC), won the CFC Breeder's Cup for me in 2007 in Montreal, Quebec - Fairy's birthplace!

All of Fairy's offspring are very successful and many dogs became foundation dogs for other BRT kennels. According to our statistics, she produced 5 CKC Champions, 8 AKC champions, 12 RBCSWO Champions and 3 RBCSWO Grand Champions, 8 CMA Champions, 5 CFC Champions, and 3 UKC Champions. You can see Fairy's Champion children and grandchildren here.
Dar (Mult CH Dar Siberian Star iz Angarskoi Jemchujiny) came to us all the way from Siberia. His name means "gift" in Russian. He became a Multi Champion very fast, is the AKC Top Producer, and holds all available major Conformation Champion Titles in North America. Dar is very energetic, loves to fetch balls, play, and pull toboggans with kids. He has great conformation, amazing movement, wonderful temperament, and he is loyal and friendly.
We have two granddaughters of Fairy's - Vasilika (CH Ilia's Legacy Asher Vasilika Dar Regins Star, CGN ) and Lola (CH Ilia's Legacy Asher Lorelai Dar Regins Star, CGN ). Gourgeous girls and wonderful mommies
The latest addition to our family are Mars' babies, Maxi (CH IliasLegacy Charisma Maximillian Mars), and Mika (CH IliasLegacy Charisma Mamba Mika Mars). They are our cutie pies.

Owners - Marina and Vladimir Yevko, Township of King, Ontario, Canada

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