Our Puppies' owners write to us....

Hi Guys
Beau (IliasLegacy Bluemoon Beau)is now 82.5 pounds, as you will see in the pics, very muscular and lean, and really deep chested. Great temperament!! We are constantly getting inquiries on his breed and good looks. His calmness and intelligence makes him a joy and great companion. His guarding instincts are starting to show, especially when Cliff is not home, he doesn’t leave my side and actually will lay in back of me if my back is turned against the door, I’m sure he doesn’t realize why he’s even doing this. I just got back from a Givenchy seminar in Punta Cana, it was the first time I left him for a few days, we were both very happy I was home. Hope your enjoying the summer, enjoy the pics. xoxoxo
Grisha (IliasLegacy Bluemoon Grigorii the Great) has another conformation class tomorrow but we are mostly working on his desire to greet everyone. I call it teaching him appropriate manners. I often think we may have done too good a job socializing him. But in my heart I know it is just his personality to want to meet everyone right now. Unfortunately, I know this will change a little as it did with my son. When Grisha learns not every dog or person is someone you want to meet.
Grisha is a very smart dog and thinking all the time. We just went out in the yard for a while and he stared at Oscar (one of his toys) and sat down by the door. We have this quite a bit now as he wants to take Oscar outside and we do not let him take his house toys outside. Still he thinks this is a point that he may win if he is only persistent. I must say he lets me know every time, ever when he is just going out for the potty, that he would like to take a toy. And of course, he still carries one to the back door when he tells me he needs to go out to us the potty. He has some yard toys but they do not seem to interest him right now.
I guess intelligence is also persistence in getting your own way. Grisha enjoys riding in the car but the getting in and out still troubles him. But all in all he has pretty seamlessly blended in to the family and knows our daily routine.Of course, he lets us know when he wants to take a nap or go to bed at night. He is also excellent in not waking us up early. 
Sharon, is really really really attached to him already. The plumbers were here all day yesterday doing the plumbing for his shower in the garage. The tile man is coming Wednesday to do the travertine tile work and then the plumber will be back for the final install on the fixtures. It will really be nice to have everything in one place with the grooming table, dryer and shower all together..
Hi We are all doing well and Vega (IliasLegacy Charisma Vega)is growing like a weed and full of energy. She loves to be outside playing fetch which she is getting pretty good at bringing the ball back to us. She also loves to playing in water if we are watering the plants she is right in there sticking her nose in it. She loves going for her daily walks which she does really well on a leash and for a truck drive with Robert. If I sit on the floor she likes to try and sit on me but doesn't fit too good on my lap, I don't know how much longer she will able to do this but it is funny watching her try to get her whole body on me. She loves to cuddle. Vega has finished one 6 week puppy classes and did pretty good and we had fun doing them so we signed up for the next 6 week of puppy classes.  I am doing them with her this time as she listens to Robert better than me, so I thought if I did them she will hopefully learn that she has to listen to me also.  I love her to bits she is my big cuddly girl.
take care Angela
Hi Marina
Beau (IliasLegacy Bluemoon Beau)is now 37 lbs and soooo tall, and he's sooo handsome.  Cliff just measured his pastern and it's 8 1/2". I continue to give him his baths and daily brushing, his coat is really beautiful.  Everyone comments on how soft he is. He has such a great temperament. He loves kids,adults and dogs. He wants to give everyone he meets kisses. As we speak, he is doing one of his favorite things, he loves rolling on the floor and wrestling with Cliff. 
Take Care Sandra
Hi Marina and Vlad,
We wanted to send you some more photos of Raina( IliasLegacy Bluemoon Raina)and let you know she is still doing really well! Everyone loves her and thinks she is really well behaved and so sweet and beautiful. She is walking so much better on the leash now and knows how to ring the bell to be let outside, which literally took 5 seconds to teach her! I showed her once and she picked it up immediately. Other things have been a little slower to teach but she is making good progress and we just take it slowly. She has had her second set of shots and started puppy school tonight. 
Much love, Jacquie & Jamie and Raina sends her love and says she misses you!! 
Please welcome the newest edition to our family.......COSMO (IliasLegacy Bluemoon Cosmo)!!!!!!!........(sometimes referred to by his friends as GIGANTOR, BIG BOY, and WOW HE IS HUGE).  He arrived yesterday by stork (i.e. Westjet flight 425) at the age of 3 months - simply walked out of his cage like he owned the place (very comfortable in his surroundings).
He is very affectionate, loves to give lots of kisses (especially just after he has drank some water), and has mitts the size of a small car (did I mention GIGANTOR).
Janet and I even managed to get some sleep, Cosmo slept through the entire night last night.  Yippee, cause I lost the rock/paper/scissors as to who was getting up in the middle of the night last night.
And special thanks to Marina (and Vlad) for providing us such an amazing puppy, he is truly wonderful.  Thank you so much.
If you are in need of some puppy cuddling (and everyone can use puppy cuddling), please drop by the house and meet Cosmo.
Ron, Janet, Mallory and Hailey
Hi Marina,
  Masha made it home! It took Randy what seemed like forever to get home, but the kids and I finally met her after my daughter's kickball game tonight. We are so happy and pleased with her. She has such great manners and she is so sweet and loving. She is a really big girl! Bigger than we thought she would be. This makes Randy very happy. The kids are very excited and she gets along great with our other two dogs. She has fun playing in the backyard. Everything is great! Here are some pictures of all of us. Thank you for everything you have done for us. It has been such a pleasure working with you to get Masha home. I'm so happy we get to go on this journey together!
Hugs, Jeannine
Hi Vlad and Marina

Hope all is well. Our little darling Beau (IliasLegacy Bluemoon Beau) is now weighing in at 28.6 lbs, and getting much taller, he likes to be carried like a baby, but he is getting too heavy. I make sure he has a toy in his mouth as soon as he starts to nip, it really is all about distracting him. He really likes the kong chew toys that I can stick in the freezer. He's really adjusting well to a routine, he's romping in the yard, loves to play fetch, but it doesn't take him long to tire out and he loves to nap in the playpen Cliff made for him. Cliff started giving him massages, and he stretches out like a cat after every nap in anticipation.
Cliff and Sandra

Dobrynya (IliasLegacy Charisma Dobrynya Nikitich) is fantastic. It is amazing how well he has done after such a long trip and so much change. We started crate training soon after we arrived home, which is difficult for any puppy under the best of circumstances, but he is learning very quickly, and is softly snoring beside of me in his crate (with the door closed!) as I am writing. He and our schnauzer have a way to go before becoming friends, but he is being so patient as she is adjusting.  He is eating, drinking, and doing his business outside--no accidents. He is also very impressive on leash. With patience and encouragement there is virtually no struggle. All the training you did has given us a big step in the right direction. Here are some pics of his trip and his first meal at home. I'll send more when he is settled in and we recover a bit.

w eighed in at 22 pounds at the first vet visit. I thought that was pretty good considering all the traveling. Everyone at the office said he was magnificent. Vet did a very thorough check, he is perfect, just as you promised. Eating and drinking like a horse! Just wanted to update you.

Dobrynya is doing great! Just had a long stop for lunch. I think u are right, he will be strong. Lots of strange noises and sights, but he ate as if it did not bother him at all. He does want to be touching one of us while riding in the car, which we love. long way to go yet....will let u know when we get home.
John and Michelle


Mooshka (IliasLegacy Charisma Mooshka ) is out right now on her second private training lesson.  Barry, her trainer, has been training dogs for 35 years, including 15 in the US Army- this is his first BRT and he's very excited.   He (like everyone else) loves her and is amazed at how sweet and smart she is. One other thing to add is that on Saturdays after my son, Chip's baseball game, Chip, Mooshka and I walk into town to get a sandwich (our town's main street which is lively)- Mooshka loves it and is seeing and meeting about 40 people each time, and some other dogs-  she's being very well socialized.  Her being so nice (in looks and personality) makes all of her interactions positive.  She's doing great.Best,Chris  

 Hi Marina and Vladimir,
I'm guessing that you are enjoying the quiet, but very much missing the pups- I hope you're doing well.   I wanted to check in with you and let you know that we are so happy with Mooshka.  She is a good and loving little girl and already fully part of the family.  She had a visit to the vet on Tuesday- apart from being in perfect health, she caused a buzz with her good manners and good looks.  Both the vet and technician were impressed with her sweet and calm disposition.   She's sitting next to me as I type this e-mail and we're about to go outside before bed. It's been a week and she's been almost perfect with housebreaking.  
Mooshka is great, and we are so happy to have her.   I also must tell you how impressed and satisfied we were with every single aspect of the adopting experience we had with you.  Your love and care for these dogs is apparent and we really appreciate it-  Thank you very much.  
We will stay in touch.  
Best regards,
The Read Family

After a nice and uneventful trip home, Mooshkahad a great first night- she slept soundly in our room.  At 4:00 AM she whimpered a bit so I took her out and she went pee right away.  She then slept till 6:30.  Today has been pleasent and quiet.  She's been eating and sleeping well- she is very calm and stable, but really perks up in the back yard- she loves to chase a football rolled end over end.  She and the kids have been getting along very well and I am proud of how gentle and respectful my kids have been.  It's been an excellent first 30 hours.  
Hi Vladimir, Marina and Sophia,
We made it home safe and sound.  It was a long ride, but very easy.  Honestly, Mooshka did not cry or whimper even once.  We stopped every couple of hours and looked for clean grass clearings.  At each stop she would romp a bit, go pee and chase Chip's football. She ate and drank well, slept most of the way- snuggled up with one of the kids.  What a temperament!  We arrived home at 7:00 where she had some more to eat and drink.  She then explored the back yard and did her business.  Now she is resting calmly.  She is so nice and we feel very lucky.
Best, The Read Family


Hello Marina, Bella (IliasLegacy Charisma Bella)had her shots last week and so far has had no problems. She also had her first puppy training class and was did very well. Bella is growing fast and moving quickly, and  she had a great day yesterday with my mom's (two Boston terriers)and brother's (one mulit-poo and one cocka-poo) dogs.  They played happily for hours, and she then slept for a few hours back at our home. House training is almost mastered with only the odd early morning accident. Bella loves to get up and go for a walk at 6:30 every morning like clock work.  This is taking some adjustment for me of course, but I appreciate Bella is trying to keep me active. We are taking Bella with us for a short out of town trip this weekend, and it will be her first hotel experience.  We hope to take on lots of sunny walks.  The Boston terriers will be joining us, along with my sister's friend's dog, Alex, a labra-doodle. Thanks again for your support.

Bella was great thru the night only waking up a few times. we went for her first walk with the kids this morning and had a great time, she has really taken to chewing on my daughters hair.I will send some pictures soon.
Thank you very much, Shawn
Vega (IliasLegacy Charisma Vega) had a good night, she only played shy for about 20 minutes after we picked her up. She is eating and drinking good and going to the washroom. She met our grandkids today and they all had a lot of fun. I will send pictures this weekend.
Thanks Again Robert
Hi Marina!

Czara (IliasLegacy Bluemoon Czara)is doing great. She knows her name, comes when you call her and knocks on our sliding door if she needs to go outside for washroom. So smart.

We started walking her on the side walk and she is much better after a little energy has been released.  Sofia and Bella took turns with her leash which she is getting used to quickly.  I figure in a few weeks she will be too big for them to walk so this is their opportunity, with my close supervision of course.

It was nice to  look at all the other pictures on your news.  They are great!  Love,

Hi Marina!
Lulu (IliasLegacy Bluemoon Lulu)is sitting under my computer desk as I'm working. The weather has been glorious, and we spend a lot of time outdoors.  She's very gentle with people, and the few dogs that we've met so far, from very small [a yorkie terrier that weighs about 4 pounds] to a large dog of mixed breed, Lulu's been inquisitive, but not aggressive. 
We've gone for a few car rides, as well.
Hope all is well with you & the Family!

Hi Marina!
Lulu and I went to the vet today and we received a clean bill of health.  Lulu was very calm, and just lay down on the table and let the vet examine her. 
Lulu is extremely smart and learns very quickly.  We walk in the off-leash park without any problems, and she comes when I call her.  We play a game where I move from one big tree to another tree or to a big rock.  If I crouch down she comes to me and I tell her to sit and she does, and then she gets a "cookie" - sometimes a liver treat, sometimes a piece of carrot or celery - I mix it up.
We started on leash walking yesterday, and today was much better.  She is very interested in baby carriages.  If she sees a baby carriage, Lulu will just sit and stare at it.
I've been teaching her "do your business" as soon as we get outside, so she usually poops within a minute or two.
Tomorrow is my nursing home day, so Lulu will be coming with me.  I'll send you some pictures in a couple of days.
Take care and talk to you soon.
The gods were smiling today, it was a beautiful day for his car ride home. Beau (IliasLegacy Bluemoon Beau) was amazing in the car,he stretched out and napped most of the way.  He is really spectacular, we are getting lots of snuggling and kisses. He had a visit from the neighbors children,and he met Chevy, our yorkie-poo for the first time as well. Chevy's not to sure about him, he smelled him and is kind of keeping his distance, until he figures him out. We brought him in the house and he ate and drank, then we brought him back outside to do his business, he's doing very well on the leash. At this minute, Beau is stretched out in the playpen Cliff made for him, sleeping away. He also sits up so proudly when you talk to him, he's so perfect and adorable.
Cliff and Sandra

Beau is such a clever guy. He is settling in amazingly well. I have to tell you about him and Chevy. He was bouncing around in the yard and Chevy was trying to stay clear. He growled at Beau, and Beau was so respectful that he just sat down and stared at him. He wanted Chevy to play with him really badly, but the smart little guy he is, kept his distance until Chevy came to him. It was amazing. Cliff and I sat back and watched their interaction.  Chevy is really timid and laid back ad Beau knew this and for a pup so young to understand this, you just had to see it to believe it. I think they will be great friends. He is so beautiful, and you were so right, he is very special.
Cliff and Sandra
Beau is growing in leaps and bounds (weight and height). It's amazing what a difference a week makes.  He looks like a little tank. This week I will send some more pictures. Beau is so adorable, and smart, he is constantly amazing us and making us laugh. He is going for his next shots on March 28, and his puppy classes start April 3rd. He's also taking well to the leash. All is good!
Cliff and Sandra
Hi Everyone!

Lulu (IliasLegacy Bluemoon Lulu)is doing very well. 

The first photo below is Lulu watching Pirates of the Caribbean last night with Vik.

The last photo is Lulu watching herself in the mirror.  At first she thought there was another dog in the house, and barked at herself, and now I suspect that just likes to look at herself in the mirror.  I call her The Movie Star!

The remaining photos are from our walk by the river this morning to feed the ducks and geese.  This area is off-leash for dogs, and very secluded.  Lulu walked beside or behind Vik and I and very rarely did we have to coax her along.  She was happy and frisky, and not in the least interested in the ducks and geese - only in the bread that I was throwing out for the birds`breakfast.  

Lulu slept peacefully through the night, but I must admit, it`s been a few months since I had to `rise and shine` at 6 am.  Lulu came came up to Vik`s side of the bed and woke him so that she could go outside. 

We have an extra large balcony and we`ve put a bed there for Lulu as well.  With the sun shining and warm, it was nice to enjoy our coffee on the balcony while Lulu played with her paper bag.

That`s correct - a paper bag.  We purchased lots of toys, of all sizes and shapes, and the baby giraffe is my personal favourite.  As lots of retailers now provide paper bags instead of plastic, I have quite the collection of paper bags.  Lulu pulled one from Starbucks off one of my shelves, and dragged it around the kitchen and dining room.  She likes to sleep beside the paper bag.

Vlad, thanks for your tip about mixing some warm water with the dry food.  I was a little worried this morning about her food consumption, but as soon Vik mixed in the warm water, she ate her entire dish.

Do you remember when you were growing up and your Mom made a growth chart, usually somewhere near the kitchen or back door, and would make marks on it as to how fast you were growing up - my growth chart was by the back door, and my Mom would mark my height and date.  I asked Vik to help me take a photo of Lulu with a tape measure held up beside her so that she would have her own personal growth chart, and I will repeat this every month or so.
We are happy to announce that Czara's (IliasLegacy Bluemoon Czara) car ride was easy breezy and a lot of fun.  She is such a good little girl.  It's as if we have had her for a while now.  She made herself comfortable and part of our family right away.   As soon as we arrived she did poo and pee right away which, as a mom, makes me so happy!  And then she had a nice meal and played outside a bit more and now is taking a little nap in her crate.

Lots of love, hugs and kisses, From the Ientile Family

Just a quick note to tell you Grisha (IliasLegacy Bluemoon Grigorii the Great) is finally home from his long car trip. He is exploring his new home and our grandchildren are on there way over to meet him. We will send pictures tomorrow.
Thanks Richard

Hello Vladimir and Marina
Grisha is doing wonderful. He had his first visit with our Vet yesterday and had his chip implanted. The Vet also said he was in exceptional condition.
I have attached a picture of my grandchildren with Grisha. I think their smiles say it all.  The really important thing is that we all love Grisha including all the staff at the Vet who all turned out to play with Grisha during our visit. He is the friendliest puppy who loves kids so much. The kids play with him until they all just down Grisha and the boys.

Thank you both for such a wonderful puppy.  Richard
Voodoo (IliasLegacy Bluemoon Valdemar) and Winston (the cat) are taking naps right now, one on the chair and one underneath. Still waiting for daddy Yuri to come home from work to greet his long awaited fellow. Meanwhile,  Voodoo and I had a lovely romp outside, he sure loves the snow and follows nicely. Will send more picture updates soon.
Hugs, Lorraine 
Hi Marina,
Wow are we ever impressed with Raina (IliasLegacy Bluemoon Raina)!! Firstly we want to say thank you for doing such an amazing job from start to finish - keeping us updated with photos and emails on the puppy's adventures, and now that we have Raina with us we can see you have done even more than we ever imagined. You - or someone - must have been teaching her the 'sit' command? Almost instantly we have her sitting with just a hand gesture! And she sits so nicely. She just loves Jamie. Always sitting at his feet and looking wistfully up at him. He is doing a great job with her taking her out to potty regularly and so far we have not had one accident in the house. 
At first we didn't think we'd be crate training, but was always torn whether we would or not. In the end the decision was made for us because since she arrived in her crate from the airplane she has been happy as anything in there, and has started to take herself off to bed for naps in her crate by herself! The only problem is she keeps using her water bowl as a pillow and always wakes up with a sopping wet head!!! We have since moved the bowl a little higher in the hope that she finds something else to rest her head on.. We'll see how that goes. 
She has met a whole lot of people already - all our friends were dying to meet her and everyone is so impressed with how sweet and calm she is. And she has been great with all of them, including a 6 year old and a 10 year old child. She has met a couple of other dogs - pets of our friends - who are mostly scared of her for no particular reason! She is just as sweet to them as she is to humans. Maybe because they are fully grown dogs and already she is bigger than them haha. But she managed to win over a young beagle cross dachshund today and they ended up playing in the snow for hours together. This was a relief as they are good friends of ours and no doubt will be playing together quite a bit. 
Raina already has a very soft mouth but we will continue to work on this to make sure she definitely understands not to bite hard. We haven't had much luck walking with the leash yet - she quite hates it! So we will start slowly and put the leash on for just a minute at a time around the house until she is more comfortable. 
You were right - she is affectionate and attentive, and also quite happy to play by herself and is actually very independent. All in all she has been an absolute delight so far, is settling in very well, and we just adore her and her sweet nature and beautiful eyes. 
Thank you again for everything and we will continue to send you photos from time to time.
Hugs, Jacquie and Jamie and Raina

Oscar (IliasLegacy Bluemoon Oscar)
He is perfection. Even in the midst of the strange blizzards we have been having today, he has behaved beautifully. Thank you!


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