September 20-23, 2007 St.Louis, MO BRTCA National Specialty Show and 3 AKC shows

September 8-9,2007 Petrolia ON, RBCSWO shows

April 17-18,2007 Toronto ON, RBCSWO Spostrsman Show

December 3,2006 Long Beach ,CA,Eukanuba 2006

September 9-19, 2006, Petrolia ON, RBCSWO

July 8 ,2006 Woodstock ON, RBCSWO

June3-4, 2006 Caledonia ON,RBCSWO

May 28,2006Kalamazoo MI, Kalamazoo Kennel Club , AKC

March 25-26, 2006,Toronto ON,BRCSWO Sportsman Show arch 2

October 22-23,2005 Brampton ON,RBCSWO

September 9-10, 2005,Petrolia ON, RBCSWO

July 16-17,2005,Woodstock ON, RBCSWO BRT Specialty Show

March 19-20, 2005, Toronto ON ,RBCSWOSportsman Show

October 30 , 2005, Brampton ON, RBCSWO BRT Specialty

July 10, 2004, Woodstock ON, RBCSWO

May 25 2004,Lockport NY, MBA Molosser Olimpics

March 16-17 2004,Toronto ON,Sportsman Show

May 4, 2003 Michigan Classic ARBA show,another BIS and Championship

November 31, 2002 Show in Toronto

William won BOB, Best in Guardian group and Dog #3 in RBCOSWO for 2001

 Our William's son Prosha being 3 month old had his first victories
at shows one and two in Woodstock ,Canada!

William became Top Ten Finalist and BOB for 2001 in UKC !

Specialty show in Brampton (Toronto)
Success at the UKC show in East Rochester
Two shows - TWO victories in one day in Petrolia
BOB at UKC Premier/Classic show in Kalamazoo
We won a show in Caledonia